Araqsalil the Skinner




Azahir the Mad




Chthonian Larva 1




Chthonian Larva 2




Collector of Mid-Nor 1




Collector of Mid-Nor 2




Cyclops of Mid-Nor




Demon Tower




Fire-Spitter of Mid-Nor 1




Fire-Spitter of Mid-Nor 2




Gallows-Bearer of Mid-Nor




Halberdiers of Mid-Nor




 Hydra Warriors


Incubuses of the Despot


Kelzarel the Diabolical




Mahal the Enchanter




Master of Puppets 1




Master of Puppets 2




Mid-Nor Clan

Court of the Abyss



Mid-Nor Sentinel 1

(Mail Order Only) 



Mid-Nor Sentinel 2

(Mail Order Only)