Armoured Chariot





Armoured Chariot Crossbowman

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Bal-Torg the Elder




Bal-Torg the Elder

2nd Incarnation 



 Bhor-Hok the Leader




Boor on Razorback 1




Boor on Razorback 2




Boor on Razorback 3




Boor with Axe

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Boors with Axe




Boors with Hammer




Boors with Pick-Hammer




Dwarf Armourers




Dwarf Blunderbuss-Wielders




Dwarf Bombardier 1




 Dwarf Bombardier 2




 Dwarf Clan

Brotherhood of Bronze




 Dwarf Crossbowmen




 Dwarf Musician




 Dwarf Standard-Bearer




 Elghir the Resolute




 Fenggar, Fist of Bronze

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 Forge Guardians 1





 Forge Guardians 2




 Fulgor, Meteor of the Aegis




 Hirh-Kahn the Enraged