Orc Bruiser

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  Orc Bruisers




Orc Brutes

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Orc Brutes

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Orc Clan

The Trackers of Bran-O-Kor 




 Orc Crossbowmen



Orc Raptor Scouts




Orc Totem-Bearer




Orc Trackers



Orc War-Staff




Orc Warriors








Shaka Umruk




Son of Thunder 




 The Warriors of Stone 




Tork the Animal 




Trackers of the Behemoth 1 




Trackers of the Behemoth  2 




Troll of the Behemoth 




Tumahk the Voice of the Wind 




Umran Kal 




Vijhkal the Brave 




Vorak the Infallible 




Warriors of the Wind 1 




Warriors of the Wind 2