Griffin Templars 1

Picture courtesy of Alek



Griffin Templars 2




 Griffin Templars 3




Griffin Thallions 1




Griffin Thallions 2




Kyrus the Sombre




Magistrate of the Griffin




Melkion the Flaming




Mira the Reckless








Phidias De Basarac




Phidias De Basarac

2nd Incarnation 



  Praetorian Guard




Saphon the Preacher




Saphon the Purificator




(Mail Order Only)



Sered, Templar Commander




Shanys the Shadow




 Templars of Hod



Templars of the Inquisition




 Thallion Riders




Niniel, Daughter of Twilight

(Promotional Figure)

(Spanish Red Dragon Confederation)

 Picture courtesy of  Dick van Peer

The Priestess of Steel




The Executioner




  War-Staff of the Griffin

Warriors of the Crusades 


War-Staff of the Griffin Templars