Agent of the Chimera




Agonn the Ardent




Alahan Champion

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Alahan Standard-Bearer

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Alahel the Messenger




Aldenyss the Quiet




Arakan the Duelist




Arakan the Just




Archers of Alahan 1




Archers of Alahan 2




Banner-Bearer of Urland




Bard of Alahan 1




Bard of Alahan 2




Danil the Valiant




Dragan De Orianthe




Falconers of Alahan




Guards of Alahan




Guards of Kaiber





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Meliador the Celestial



Migail the Selenite





Mirvilis, Baron of Allmoon




Misan the Clairvoyant




Mounted Bard of Alahan




Mounted Musician of the Lion




Mounted Standard-Bearer




Musician of Alahan