Wolfen Clan

The Howling Pack  

(Multi-piece Kaeliss figure)


Wolfen Hunters 1




Wolfen Hunters 2




Wolfen Hunters 3




Wolfen Predator with 2 Blades




Wolfen Predator with Blade




Wolfen Predator with Chain




Wolfen Predator with Great Blade




Wolfen Prowler




Wolfen Repentant 1




Wolfen Repentant 2




Wolfen Sacred Vestal




Wolfen Tracker 1




Wolfen Tracker 2




Wolfen Vestal




 Wolfen Warriors 1




Wolfen Warriors 2

 Picture courtesy of Alek



Wolfen Warriors 3

 Picture courtesy of Alek 



Wolfen Warriors 4





  Wolfen Warriors

The Fangs of the Moon-Goddess



Wolfen with Crossbow 1




Wolfen with Crossbow 2




Wolfen with Crossbow 3




Worg, Waning Moon 




Worg, Waxing Moon