Mid-Nor Sentinels



Mid-Nor Skinner 1

(Mail Order Only)



Mid-Nor Skinner 2

(Mail Order Only)



Neran the Scary




Organist of Mid-Nor




Prowler of the Abyss 1




Prowler of the Abyss 2




Prowler of the Abyss 3




Reapers of Mid-Nor 1




Reapers of Mid-Nor 2




Reapers of Mid-Nor 3




Scourge Bearers 1




Scourge Bearers 2





Warriors of Mid-Nor




 Warriors of the Abyss

(Boxed Set) 



Warriors of the Abyss

(Blister Pack)



Warriors of the Abyss Upgrade

(Mail Order Only) 



War-Staff of Mid-Nor








Yh-Sabahal the Winged Fury