This website has been created to show all the models Rackham made before they went pre-paint plastics and sealed their fate.  It also includes models from manufacturers that have been produced for Confrontation since Rackham went bust and I will hopefully add the forthcoming releases by Phoenix as soon as pictures are available.  No models are for sale here





Alchemists of Dirz 

A - J

K - Z




Dwarfs - Mid-Nor

A - M

M - Z




Elfs - Cynwall

A - C

D - Z




Griffins of Akkylannie

A - G

G - Z 



Kelt - Sessairs

A - K

K - Z





A - Z















Desktop Wallpaper 1

Desktop Wallpaper 2

Titan Dragon

World of Aarklash

Concept Artwork


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A - I

J - Z




Dwarfs - Tir-Na-Bor

A - J

K - Z




Elfs - Daikinees

A - Z





Hybrid & Nemesis

A - Z




Lions of Alahan

A - M

N - Z





A - M

N - Z




Undead of Acheron

A - L

M - Z




Wolfen of Yllia

A - V

W - Z




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Fake Figures


 Full list of figures 

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Devourers of Vile-Tis 

A - M

N - Z




Elementals & Familiars

A - Z





Goblins of No-Dan-Kar

A - G

G - Z




Kelt - Drunes

A - F

G - Z




A - Z





Resin Pieces

A - Z

 Fantasy Flight Games





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 Legendarion Sculpts



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